The Innovation Collective is a global community of consultants, project managers, creatives & experts with a love and passion for innovation.

We can...

Deepen your connections

with our consumer intelligence

Awaken your curiosty

with our immersive events

Fuel your imagination

with our provocative stimulus

Supercharge your squad

with our talent bank

Our collective wisdom & experience allows us to provide a range of ‘Plug and Play’ support services for Agencies, Consultants and Brands to tap into during any or every stage of the innovation journey.

Headed up by directors Chloe Martin and Rosie Frost, The Innovation Collective can project manage an entire process or provide the necessary bolt on solutions for various stages of your project such as an injection of stimulus for an ideas session or designing and running your consumer insight segment.

We operate globally so can make anything possible wherever you need us in the world!

Our Clients