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The art of facilitation – observations from the field

Here follows some observations and top-tips in the art of creative facilitation from our years working with some of the sharpest minds in the world of innovation.

This is a free resource, we hope you find it helpful.

The Innovation Collective are an agency of project managers and creatives specilising in innovation projects & events.

We’re experts in session planning, creative exercises and stimulus.

Facilitation best practice – notes from the field – …

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The Start-Up Envy Conundrum


A great read from our innovation partners at Rebel Cell on how big businesses can steal the best bits from start ups!

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We feature in a book! Design Management: Managing Design Strategy, Process and Implementation

We’re really pleased to be featuring in Kathryn Best’s latest book Design Management; Managing Design Strategy, Process & Implementation. Kathryn is an author, speaker and educator in design, strategy and systemic change. She offers insight and foresight on ways to enable change through creativity, design, innovation and transformation.

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In summary the book explores the importance of good …

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Adding a bit of rebellion spirit to your thinking…

A Manifesto for a new way of Innovating: Rebel Cell is about how big businesses need to take the lessons from start-ups and entrepreneurs in the way they approach their business decisions.

There are many principles we can steal from start ups who are smaller, naughtier and more disruptive in their thinking.  They dare to take risks and therefore produce game-changing results.

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Reasons to get out there and meet people…


Love this article on Fast Company about why Pinterest’s Guy Trionfi likes to visit users in their home.

When you go into someone’s house or apartment, Trionfi explains, you learn things you wouldn’t learn otherwise. He gives the example of the young nursing student who recently welcomed him into her home. “She started talking a lot about her boyfriend, how they used Pinterest together to plan what they were gonna cook.” …

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