It was wonderful to work with you guys. The focus groups were excellent.

Jane Welsh, Je Joue

Just wanted to say thank you for everything! The rooms and props all look amazing. And thanks for being so flexible.

Sohini Pramanick, ThoughtVine Consulting

I’ve had the pleasure of working with 5 amazing people from the Innovation Collective, each with unique talents but all with the same great attitude, energy and professionalism.  They have helped me run events on islands and in parks; create and operate an online 360 feedback tool; generate innovation stimulus and workshop materials; turn information into beautiful reports; and generally keep me sane and productive.  They are calm, cheerful, creative, capable and always willing to get stuck into whatever needs to be done to make a job successful.  A joy to work with and always my first call when I need help.

Norma McComb, Consult Jack Fox

Thank you Chloe! Your work was absolutely pivotal to the success of the workshop

Barrie Berg, Eden McCallum

In the middle of session but just had to say the stimulus exhibition is beyond my dreams!!!  It is so damn amazing guys and the clients are buzzing.

Becky Rea, Business Three Zero

It went brilliantly. I had loads of positive feedback on the boards, which people found incredibly helpful. We ended up with two questions which prompted some really interesting debate and the whole thing went really quite seamlessly. Thank you so much for all your help, it was completely invaluable!

Richard Lennon, Penguin

Chloe tackles every project with enthusiasm, creativity and a very practical approach. Clear communication, good planning and a great sense of humour too. I would recommend Chloe for sure!

Lou Burrow, People Director, ?What If! Innovation Partners

Rosie brings both smart and incredible energy to the innovation challenges she works on. Working with her at What If she is uncompromising in her work attitude and commitment to quality. Her hugely creative attitude means everyone benefits from both her energy and insight. Rosie was the beating heart of the team and I will miss having her around for the fun, energy and laughs.

Tobias Rooney, Innovation Director at ?What if! Innovation Partners

As a previous colleague, I am always delighted to hire Chloe to assist in managing creative projects. She’s focused, flexible, reliable, creative, energetic and has great judgement.  Her skills range from visual to written creative work as well as project management and idea generation. She’s also extremely personable and great to work alongside.

Liz Evenden, Innovation Consultant, The So Team LLP

Rosie is superb at managing innovation projects. Not only does she make things happen (without fail) but Rosie also adds her own creative slant which always makes things ten times better. She is great in front of a group, superb with consumers and has the ability to shift between strategy and detail. Rosie is also excellent at managing people, doing so in a very human and fun way.

Matt Bolton, Partner at Upping Your Elvis