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Creative Stimulus & Project Management:


THE CLIENT: The So Team & a leading pharmaceutical company

THE CHALLENGE: Patient drug adherence is an all too common challenge in the pharmaceutical sector. The So Team were tasked with helping their client build their insight skills so as to better understand patients’ relationship with medication and the influence of the HCP in more depth.

WHAT WE DID: As part of building the group’s insight skills we helped The So Team to support the client project team in running an immersion to understand the barriers to adherence in the long and short term – speaking with patients at at various stages of their disease, HCPs, family members and carers.

The team also spoke to patients and professionals from parallel worlds to see what lessons we could glean and partook in regular daily activities designed by the So Team that would help us really be in our patients shoes.

OUTPUT: A range of new product ideas to help patients stay on their medication – from comms and activation ideas to training and support.

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Project Management:


THE CLIENT: Lab Innovation and a leading UK supermarket

THE CHALLENGE: A large supermarket wanted to rapidly test a new store format concept that would differentiate them and make them a go-to for a new food occasion.

WHAT WE DID: We assisted the Lab innovation team in the project management of the live prototype testing. Camping out in one of their flagship stores for 3 days to create a pop-up testing experience. By doing this they were able to constantly iterate and re-test their idea with consumers throughout the day  – building up a stronger proposition and offering in a far shorter time.

OUTPUT: Being able to iterate on a daily and often hourly basis lead to a stronger understanding of the product proposition and a clear strategic direction for the brand. Lab Innovation lead the process and strategic thinking.

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Consumer Research & Event Planning:


THE CLIENT: Hidden Gorilla and a Leading Financial Services Company

THE CHALLENGE: The client needed help demonstrating to their senior leadership team the importance of regular and close consumer insight so they called on Hidden Gorilla to do this with memorable impact!

WHAT WE DID: At a company away day we helped Hidden Gorilla bring to life the importance of listening to consumers by surprising the client with 110 of their customers from all over the country. Customers turned up ready to spend an hour talking with the senior leadership team – some of them coming as far as Glasgow to attend the London event.

As well as recruiting, pre-screening and incentivising the 110 consumers we project managed consumer travel and logistics on the day to ensure it ran smoothly and to great success. The Hidden Gorilla team designed the discussion topics that would create most impact and facilitated the feedback and strategic discussions pre and post event.

OUTPUT: This surprise activity brought the customers to life as ‘real’ for a team that rarely got the chance to hear from them first hand. Discussions covered a number of important topics that helped shape the companies strategic vision going forward – to put consumers at the heart.

More about Hidden Gorilla here:

Consumer Research:


THE CLIENT: The Museum of London

THE CHALLENGE: The Museum of London needed help understanding the parameters they could play in for an upcoming exhibition where the content was potentially ethically and morally challenging.

WHAT WE DID: We designed a research group that would take discussions into more provocative areas to ensure we really understood what was deemed appropriate and the visitors expectations of the exhibition. We brought the exhibition discussions to life in engaging and interactive ways within the limited budget and content we were able to show.

We helped to define the audience profiles, recruited consumers and facilitated the consumer groups.

OUTPUT: The output was a clear understanding as to the moral and ethical boundaries of the exhibition and how best to position it so there was an engaging hook for visitors.

Consumer Research & Project Management:




THE CLIENT: Wood for the Trees Innovation Partners & a leading FMCG client

THE CHALLENGE: The client was keen to test a sustainable social business venture and needed a deeper understanding of the lower class demographic of Indian society. Specifically those living in slums that relied on hand-outs and their relationship with food and nutritional needs.

WHAT WE DID: We organised for a team of 24 clients to visit consumers in harder to reach locations – the slums and chawls of central and outer Mumbai.  They experienced consumers buying, prepping and cooking their meals and going about daily life.

In addition we also arranged for interviews with market stall, kirana shop and food ration bank workers as well as key opinion leaders in society.

We project managed recruitment, translation, local guides and travel between visits.

OUTPUT: The immersions helped the client understand the Indian class system and needs and desires around food and mealtimes. Everything from the environment in which they bought their food, food preparation, storage & budgeting as well as family life and value judgement.  This informed the proposition of their social initiative going forward.

More about Wood for the Trees here:

Inspiration Safari:







THE CLIENT: Happen Innovation Agency and a leading FMCG client

THE CHALLENGE: Happen wanted to get their client closer to the world in which their product was bought and consumed in Europe and Asia.

WHAT WE DID: We designed a bespoke inspiration safari in Berlin, Copenhagen and Shanghai to immerse them in the world of their product in both the on and off trade. The safari not only involved visiting stores and meeting consumers but also talking to industry experts and factory tours for a real insiders peak.

We project managed the recruitment of consumers and experts and arranged for tour guides and translation on the ground in each city.

OUTPUT: An engaging global pit-stop in each country that gave the client some fresh inspiration for developing their product.

More about Happen here:

Creative Stimulus & Consumer Research:





THE CLIENT: The Absolut Company

THE CHALLENGE: We’ve worked with The Absolut Company over the years helping to develop and test new product concepts for a range of brands.

WHAT WE DID: We spent a week with a team of creatives from various industry backgrounds developing concepts for a new brand.  We tested and iterated the ideas with consumers before pitching back in a dragons-dens style final as to our strategic thinking and final recommendation.

OUTPUT: The intense week of collaborating with consumers and creatives allowed us to take our concepts further and build a stronger proposition and rationale for launch.